So this job is sucking the life out of you, and you are ready to find a new one. But how do you make sure the grass really is greener on the other side?

Finding a new job isn’t always the magic bullet you hope it will be. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you hand in your notice.

What is it about your job that frustrates you the most?

Is it the people, the work, the hours, the pay or something else altogether? Being specific about the things that frustrate you will help you ensure that you don’t end up in the same position again down the line.

Is there anything you can change in your current job?

If it’s the pay, have you tried talking to your boss about a pay rise? If it’s the hours, is there any way you could delegate or share the load with your colleagues? If it’s the people could you try transferring to a different team or department? Our new approach section has lots of ideas and advice that might help make your current job more enjoyable.

How is a new job going to relieve these frustrations?

Be honest about whether things will really be different in a new job. Every workplace has it’s idiosyncrasies, and it is a distinct possibility that you could find yourself with the same frustrations, simply working for a different company.

If your primary frustration with your current job is the type of work you are doing, consider if a different job in your current profession is really going to make you happy. Or is it a career change that you are really seeking?

What would your ideal new job look like?

What would a new job offer that your current job doesn’t. Who would you be working with? How much would you be paid? What sort of hours would you work? The answers to these questions will help you ensure your new job is more enjoyable than your last.

What would it take to get your ideal job?

Does your ideal job require skills, experience or connections that you don’t have yet? If so, don’t despair, but perhaps hang fire on handing in your notice for now. You can use this time – while you’ve got a steady pay check coming in – to make sure that when you make the leap you are in the best position possible.

If you still think a new job will make you happy, check out our new job section for ideas and inspiration on getting the right job – not just any job!