Time is linear, we only pass this way once... are you using your time wisely?

However many lifetimes there are – philosophies to argue about life and death, afterlife and Karma, Universes and multiverses – the bottom line is that right here on Earth, right now, is the point of decision and action.

In June 2000 a car hit me, and as I lay bleeding to death in the road I had to make a decision, to die or come back to the pain. I decided to live. There followed a long journey of both physical and spiritual recovery. Here is what I have learned along the way…

Each moment is designed to be a precious, delicious enjoyment

I understand now that each moment is designed to be a precious, delicious enjoyment. We should savour every part of what our senses bring in to us.

How many of us are actually living like this? How many of us even enjoy a part of each day in this way? This is sad and this is avoidable. What needs to change within us?

Several things I believe. We need to stop accepting mediocrity, in ourselves as well as in those around us. We need to stop pretending that we are ok with ourselves and others being individual and actually be proud to be a one off. We need to dream and then live our dreams, not to wait until it feels safe to take off on that trip, live in the sun, try out a new business.

Regrets on deathbeds are never about what we did try, but what we didn’t.

We may worry that if it doesn’t work out we will look a fool. But worry more about that than not trying it surely? Those regrets on deathbeds are never about what we did try, but what we didn’t.

You can choose again

And once you have tried it and broken a few of your own rules, guess what? You realise that you don’t have to stick at that either, unless you want to. You can choose again. Freedom!

So what do I believe are the keys and practical ways to make this happen?

First of all to fall in love with yourself, so you feel you really deserve the life of your dreams (as we all do). Next to work out a lifestyle that supports your grandest vision of yourself and life you would choose to lead.

Ask yourself, if I had no fear what would I do? If I had all the money I needed to live for the rest of my life, what would I do? Then set about it, systematically.

Other parts of you than your mind will begin to make decisions

Raise the bar of your health and aliveness, by learning to breathe properly, drinking more water and eating more raw food, particularly green leaves. These things will help to focus your mind and give you the energy to progress towards your target.

One of the things that will begin to happen is that other parts of you than your mind will begin to make decisions. This is really helpful – if a little disconcerting at first – as it means that you are tapping into your subconscious and superconscious, body wisdom and memory.

All of these things make up the whole of us, but our education in life is sadly lacking in some of the most important details that we need to know ourselves and make good and healthy decisions about our lives.

It’s all about those first tentative steps

Make it easy and be kind to yourself in those first steps. It doesn’t work to beat yourself up about improving your life, only by improving it will you experience what you are trying to do.

Make it easy to be kind to yourself… it doesn’t work to beat yourself up.

What is the best way to treat yourself, to encourage yourself to take the first tentative steps? To dream, to imagine, to promise, to share. Use whatever is the sweetest way to encourage yourself to begin.

What for you represents your dream goal? Choose a picture, image, view, whatever works for you. I need to see the sky for my dreaming to take shape, what do you need to do?

We need to practice asking the Universe.

Practice asking the Universe. It can only provide what you ask for, and it can only know what you’d like if you ask.

In his book Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch asks “How can it get any better than this?”. You can ask this question in different tones – gratefully, questioningly – the Universe loves questions. They create a void that will be filled.

What we are experiencing right now is what we have already ordered

What we have to learn is that what we are experiencing right now is what we have already ordered.

If we wish to change our experience we need to be deliberate about what we are asking for and not leave it to unformed thoughts that are vaguely running us, that may be somebody else’s ideas, and somebody else’s old ideas at that.