I don’t often find myself envious of other people jobs, but that little green monster poking her head past my incredulous lashes when I read about Virgin's latest ploy!

Richard Branson has decided that, no longer do his employees have to apply for leave or worry about tracking how many days they take off. Instead, they can pack their bags and off they go, whenever they want and for as long as they want.

The Quid Pro Quo

Well, at least the staff working in his investment team, family office, marketing, brand and PR teams, and the Virgin Unite Foundation, can take holidays whenever they want. Of course they can only do so if they have completed all their current work and feel 100% sure that their absence will not negatively impact on the business. But still, doing your normal amount of work, getting paid your normal salary and having the potential for a holiday whenever you feel like it? Sign me up!

Why do it?

Simple, in the modern world, with the technology we have, nine-to-five jobs are being increasingly out-dated, and in a world where employees are expected to be flexible with their hours, so to should the companies that hire them. And the thought thought of a holiday would sure have me getting my work done faster! What would your boss say to unlimited holidays?

What would your boss say about unlimited holidays? I’m sure keen!