It's fair to say work is less than fun. You might go as far as to say work is a nightmare. But the truth is, you have a lot more options than you realize.

When we are stressed, overwhelmed or seriously dis-content, it can be hard to see a solution, to see how much power we actually have over our situation. Basically the more overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy we are, the less likely we are to see the ways we are impacting our situation.

The more overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy we are, the less likely we are to see the ways we are impacting our situation.

Your work may feel menial, your colleagues might be frustrating and you may say I don’t understand. But the truth is this… you can’t change your work, your colleagues or even whether I understand your situation or not.

So what can you do? You can take responsibility for the things you can do!

  1. Take your breaks
    When we are busy its very easy to skips breaks, but in reality that’s when you need your breaks the most.
  2. Eat well
    Make sure that the food you’re eating supports your emotional wellbeing, your physical needs and is something you look forward to.
  3. Have fun
    Add things to your daily routine that are fun and uplifting. Yes, you are at work for a lot of the day, but not the whole day.
  4. Make an effort with your appearance
    Dress up for work or wear your favorite fragrance. How you treat yourself on any given day has a large impact on your ability to enjoy that day.
  5. Exercise
    Get at least 10 minutes of an exercise you enjoy into your day. It will help with the happy hormones and give you a chance to unwind any physical tension!
  6. Learn something new
    When we take on the task of learning something new, we tend to be more motivated and this helps us feel better in general.
  7. Use your time wisely
    Don’t waste your trip to work or home. Pick a book you like, watch Netflix, listen to your favorite music or audio book. Use the time to and from work more effectively.
  8. Add things you love to your daily grind
    Get creative with ways to have more of what you love on a daily basis. Make mid week plans, make time to see friends, treat yourself. The options are endless.
  9. Take responsibility
    Remember to lean your thinking towards solutions. Decide how you want to feel, and let it lead how you approach situations.
  10. Notice your thinking
    Notice how your thinking is impacting your experience of your work. Are you adding negativity to an already difficult situation?
  11. Be grateful
    Try writing a gratitude list every evening and morning. Get your thinking onboard. Positive thoughts create more enjoyable feelings.
  12. Think ahead
    Make a plan for your future. Decide what you want and look at how the work supports it or doesn’t. Be informed and be the director of your own life.
  13. Review
    Take a look at other areas in your life and notice if you are feel stress or unhappy there. Are they impacting your work mood.

Why bother?

You may be thinking – why bother? When your work is a nightmare, it may feel easier simply to look for a new job. But whether you stay or move on, there is gold in these tips.

If you make them a regular habit they can literally create new pathways in the brain. Which will help you in this job, a new job or if you want to start a new business.

These are the behaviors of someone who is empowered. Someone who is active in creating their lives. This is what personal responsibility looks like, this is the foundation of success.

You see your mindset is your greatest asset when you harness it. So how do you start to harness it? One thought and choice at a time! Lets do it…

What is the one thing you can do today, right now that can support you better in your job?