Ever have those moments where the world feels against you. When something as insignificant as a spilled coffee or a missed train can push you over the edge?

I have the most amazing life. I live in a time of peace and prosperity, when personal choice and freedom has never been greater. I have a loving husband, a huge and rollicking family and friends who feel as close as family. I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I get so much joy out of working for myself, and have been buoyed by the support and interest in the FeelGoodNetwork after little more than a month in existence.

But despite all the things I have going for me, right now, I feel like shit.

We all have those weeks, where anything and everything can and will go wrong. Those days where something as insignificant as a spilled coffee or a missed train can have you on the verge of tears in a public place. Those moments where the world feels against you. Where you can rationalise why you should be happy, grateful or excited but you still just want to lash out. Kick something. Or better yet, go to bed and never wake up.

And like everyone else that has ever experienced anything remotely similar, I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually shattered.

A deadline. A tax bill. A harsh word. An argument. A slept through alarm. They all add up, one on top of the other and develop a momentum of their own. They turn into bad food choices. Nights without sleep. Crankiness and more arguments. Slipped deadlines. Missed workouts. Miffed colleagues. Messy living spaces. Work you are not proud of.

The list goes on and on and on. Fueled by a sick desire to wallow – as if the act of ‘suffering’ will bring significance and support. And even the positive desire to look inward and see where the problems really lie, can have the opposite effect. We become stuck in our own head, and problems become magnified by our own closeness to them.

Of course this is overly dramatic.

When you are not indulging your own pity party, it’s quite easy to put things in perspective and realise that you – and your so called problems – are insignificant in the wider circle of life. The real challenge is remembering this when it matters.

To talk about this on a public forum like this is quite intimidating. After all, aren’t I just indulging my own self pity? Whinging about problems that are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things?

In a way I am, but what got me to the point of writing this – let alone hitting the publish button – is the thought that I can’t be the only to feel like this. That if all the amazing things don’t make me immune from just having a bad week, then you are probably not immune either.

And perhaps the best thing isn’t always to shut up, put up and wallow. Perhaps we could all do with learning how to pull ourselves out of the shit when the world seems against us. Perhaps we should talk about this – not in a ‘oh look at me’ way. But in a ‘stop the cycle’ and ‘step up’ kind of way. What could we achieve if we didn’t let a few bad things pull us into a downward spiral.

So here’s what I’m going to do… I’m going to pull myself out of this shitty week. I’m going to restore my mental focus and optimism. I’m going to re-energise my body. And I’m going to report back here on how I go.

What works for you when you need to snap out of a funk?