You know what your dream job is. You know what your current job is. The two seem worlds apart. Perhaps you need is a bridge role to connect you from where you are now and where you want to be.

The role between where you are now and a job that fills you with joy, and uses your talent and skills, is your bridge/triage/hybrid job. If you’re stuck and terrified to make the leap towards your dreams, this is the job you take to figure out your passion, enhance your skillset and get the experience you need to land your dream job.

I’ve been there. Stuck. Burnt out. Not sure what my passions are. But I’m also a planner. So although I knew I didn’t have all the answers, I could craft a strategy to get there, buy me some time, and shore up my savings.

Start by working with your current skills and experience

Think about problems you are solving and solutions you are creating. How can you use these skills or experience to get you closer to your dream job?

I stuck to what I knew in terms of my broad role definition and my network, but I started working from home, for shorter hours. This freed up some time to be a ‘present’ mother, as well as do some studying and exams in the field I wanted to head to. I did little mini-projects and tasks towards my portfolio for my ‘dream’ job, so I could have tangible examples for interviews.

Use your imagination to match your skills and experience to something related to your dream job

You’re a client relationship manager, but you want to be a wedding planner. Could you move into event management at a hotel? Learn the ropes, the suppliers and the network before branching out on your own, and get paid to do it! Attend fairs and networking events on your days off.

Or perhaps you’re an accountant, but quite fancy yourself as a graphic designer. Could you seek a role that works in or for a creative agency, so that you can make new connections and get a better feel for how the industry works.

Best case scenario, you build your brand and network, ready for the dream move. Worst case scenario, you build your brand and network, and your boss thinks you are super-dedicated. Win-win.

Remember, the hybrid job is not the perfect job, because it’s not your passion

Take a quick look at where you are now. If you’re not stuck, stifled or hating it, could this current job be your bridge role? What could you be learning, researching or doing to get you ready for your next step? Before you quit in haste, think about the top three things you would need to buy you space and time to figure out your next steps. Narrow down your deal-breakers.

Most people don’t want to have to start from scratch somewhere new. They want to have a decent salary. If you’ve got trust and flexibility where you are, could you take the opportunity to ask for some stretching tasks? Take a course during your lunch break?

Change your view, and take advantage of what you have, if it’s ticking your ‘bridge’ role boxes. If not, write down what’s missing, so you know what to look for when you start looking for your ‘bridge’ role.

Update your LinkedIn profile, join relevant groups, and get networking. The job of your dreams could be just one job away!