I've tried the obvious: 'stop being lazy!' But that didn't work out... these tricks did.

We all know how it is, your at work, the papers pile up, and things get messy. Everyday I start off organised with the best intentions and every day I find myself pushing my way through the clutter on my desk trying to find my pen, or my glasses, or that paper I needed to look over. It’s just not productive and at times can even be a little overwhelming. So if you’re like me and you need help here’s some tips and tricks I’ve found useful for keeping the clutter to a minimum.

1. Keep a rubbish bin within reach

I don’t like to admit it but when I’m working most of the clutter on my desk is rubbish I’ve been to lazy to take to the bin. Empty juice bottles, coffee cups, rubbish from lunch, articles I’ve looked through and don’t need anymore, old brainstorming sheets… just piles and piles of crap. Now, I’ve tried the obvious stop being lazy! But that didn’t work out… So instead I started keeping a rubbish bin under my desk, which has appeased my lazy side and my desire to be clutter free! No more internal groans at the thought of making the trip to the bin when I’m busy, just a quick chuck under the desk and I’m free to keep working!

2. Tidy your desk every day

I used to thoroughly clean my desk only when it was absolutely necessary, and of course the longer I left it the more time it would take to organise. And honestly, I just don’t have time to be doing that constantly. So I’ve taken to tidying my workspace when I finish up each day. I mean it’s a rocky relationship, given my tendency toward being a little lazy, and I’m not claiming that its some sort of enlightening spiritual journey. But it gets the job done. And it’s been refreshing coming in to a clean desk every morning and now I’m spending dramatically less time in a state of constant dread thinking of the giant clean up I need to do.

3. Separate your workspace from your personal space

Get rid of all those personal items that aren’t functional and just take up space, like that ornament you thought looked cool, or that baseball that reminds you of your favourite team. I leave my workspace completely clear of personal items because I don’t need them to get the job done. And not only has it helped me declutter, it’s also helped me focus on my work because I’m not getting distracted by memories. Though I definitely wouldn’t begrudge you a photo of a loved one if it keeps you from falling in to the deep dark pit of despair that comes with hating your job.