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I know what lost, stuck and burnt out feels like. That's why I wrote the book Self Care: An Authentic Journey, to show you that your life is waiting to be fully lived, even if you don't know where to start. I offer 1:1 personal development life coaching that can help you reconnect with your deepest self and create a life that you truly love, its about inspired action using personal development techniques. Did you know one shift can improve every area of your life? Or you can join my free weekly coaching newsletter and get an invite to join my community #LoveYourLifeNow.
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Maintaining your sanity when work is a nightmare
5 years ago

Maintaining your sanity when work is a nightmare

When we are stressed, overwhelmed or seriously dis-content, it can be hard to see a solution, to see how much power we actually have over our situation. Basically the more …
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