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I created Indestructible Health following recovery after a car drove into my leg, which nearly killed me. It caused me huge injury and a lot of long-term readjustment. It also gave me 6 months off work. Following this I trained to treat injuries, but I realised once I started writing my autobiographical account of this episode in my life, that it was actually what I had done before the accident that determined my fate, indeed my survival and then my extraordinary recovery. I include breath work and raw food coaching in Indestructible Health. You can download a free guide from
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Why you shouldn’t leave your dreams for another day
5 years ago

Why you shouldn’t leave your dreams for another day

However many lifetimes there are – philosophies to argue about life and death, afterlife and Karma, Universes and multiverses – the bottom line is that right here on Earth, right …
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