When we use the word 'addict' it's easy to imagine a bedraggled specimen of a human being, looking desperate and begging for money or a hit. We don't tend to imagine that our workplaces are riddled with addicts.

No, I’m not talking about cocaine snorting bankers or the long haired guy who sneaks out the back for a tote. I’m talking about your boss, your coworkers, and you!

Your drug of choice may not be illegal, but if you are honest with yourself, you’ll probably realise you are addicted to something. Coffee, sugar, chocolate, facebook… come 3pm workers across the world find themselves prowling for a fix.

If your ‘fix’ happens to be ‘entertaining YouTube videos’, then you’re in luck!

German animation Film Bilder have created an entertaining video charting the heartbreaking course of addiction – through the medium of a cute little Kiwi.

You may laugh, you may cry, or you may just put down that coffee!