No one can tell you EXACTLY the perfect time to quit your job. But there are some signs you just can't ignore.

When I was feeling stuck and miserable, I had friends telling me to “just quit, it’ll be fine” or “get 3 months worth of savings first, then quit”. Or the best one: “why don’t you just find another job?“ (Like I wasn’t trying!)

They all had the best intentions of course, but they were wrong. I had to go through my own personal hell journey before I was ready to quit. I had to apply for countless jobs, get turned down for countless jobs and put in a heck of a lot of days of grind and misery before I hit rock bottom and finally handed in my notice. (You can read all the gory details here).


There were some big blindingly obvious signs I was getting from the universe (or as I call him, The Big U) that it was time to take the leap. Having asked around my entrepreneurial friends who’ve taken the leap, they had these signs too.

So here they are, the 6 signs it’s time to quit your job (that you just can’t ignore):

1. You get the Sunday night fear

This isn’t just the regular… “urgh I hate Mondays” feeling. This was full blown fear rearing its ugly head every Sunday night. I’d get panicky and quite a distraught. I’d start thinking up crazy ways that I could get out of going to work without losing my job. Think, how can I break my leg so I can’t commute? Not, maybe I could call in sick with a cold. The more crazy the ideas, the more I actually considered them, the more I realised it was probably a good time to get out before I did myself some serious harm.

Note: The Sunday night fear is not exclusively reserved for Sundays. I ended up having it almost every ‘school night’. That was when I couldn’t ignore it any longer

2. You bitch about work/your boss/your career/your industry all the time

We all do it. Bitching about work with your friends can be fun and it certainly helps get a few things off your chest. But when conversations are always focused on bitching about work; you look for the opportunity to complain about work in every conversation with your friends/man/family and you don’t seem to be able to talk about anything else, it’s a pretty obvious sign you need to change the record and do something about it.

All talk + no action = stuck. Do something about it.

3. Your health is on a back burner

When I was at my lowest point at work, I started smoking again. I’ve never been a 40-a-day kind of gal but I would go out for a fag a few times a day and when I got really wound up at work I would turn to cigarettes to calm me down. I also started eating a lot more sugary crap to give me the energy to get through the day. I stopped exercising and was putting on weight. I was going into self-destruct mode.

You’re there already? Yep, it’s a sign.

4. Your performance at work has taken a nose dive

When you’re unhappy in work, or you hate your boss, or you wish someone would just swoop on in with a magic wand and turn your life into a fairytale, you stop doing such a good job. I get it. It’s HARD to stay motivated and keep giving it your all when you’re resentful.

The problem with this is, you’re the one who ultimately suffers. Your confidence will take a knock, because sooner or later someone will notice you’re not pulling your weight and will pull you up on it. And guess what? You’ll know that they’re right.

If you let it go on too long, you’ll likely start believing you’ve no skills whatsoever and you’re a lazy cow. Not a good place to be (I’ve been there). If you can catch this one before you get in too deep, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour.

5. You’re reading blog posts about whether it’s time to quit your job.

Ironic isn’t it? Seriously though, if you’re spending your commute and your lunch breaks reading up on how to quit, or whether you should quit or not or how to set up a business… it’s a sign!

YES you probably should!

“Reading blog posts about whether it’s time to quit your job? It’s time to quit your job!”

6. Your gut instinct is screaming at you to quit

The thing that pushed me to finally take my leap? Gut instinct. I knew I had hit rock bottom. I knew I couldn’t take anymore. I knew that anything was better than what I was experiencing every day. Although I’d been running up to it for months, when the decision came it was fast and knocked me sideways.

I remember laughing with relief because I finally felt ready in the pit of my stomach. If there’s one thing I know about life, it’s to always trust your gut instinct and that voice inside. Always. It’s there for a reason.

Comment below and tell us how many and which of the signs are you getting?